C Credit Note

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A Credit Note can be Saved or processes just like in Evolution. The following example is on placing a CN.

            CreditNote CN = new CreditNote();
            CN.Customer = new Customer("Customer1");
            CN.InvoiceDate = DateTime.Now;// choose to set the invoice date or Order date etc
            CN.InvoiceTo = CN.Customer.PostalAddress.Condense();//Condense method can be used or you can specify the address as below
            CN.DeliverTo = new Address("Physical Address 1", "Address 2", "Address 3", "Address 4", "Address 5", "PC");
            CN.Project = new Project("P1");//Various CN properties like project can be set
            OrderDetail OD = new OrderDetail();
            //Vaious Order Detail properties can be added like warehouse , sales reps , userfields etc
            OD.InventoryItem = new InventoryItem("ItemA");//Use the inventoryItem constructor to specify a Item
            OD.Quantity = 10;
            OD.ToProcess = OD.Quantity;
            OD.UnitSellingPrice = 20;
            OD = new OrderDetail();
            OD.GLAccount = new GLAccount("Accounting Fees");//Use the GLAccount Item constructor to specify a Account
            OD.Quantity = 1;
            OD.ToProcess = OD.Quantity;
            OD.UnitSellingPrice = 30;