C General Ledger Transactions

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Ledger Transactions can be posted which is the equivalent of a Journal done in Evolution as follows:

    GLTransaction GLDr = new GLTransaction();
    GLDr.Account = new GLAccount("Sales");// specify the Gl Account
    GLDr.Debit = 100+14;
    GLDr.Date = DateTime.Today;
    GLDr.Description = "descr";
    GLDr.Reference = "ref1";
    GLDr.TransactionCode = new TransactionCode(Module.GL, "JNL");//Specify the GL transaction code
    GLTransaction GLCr = new GLTransaction();
    GLCr.Account = new GLAccount("Accruals");// specify the Gl Account
    GLCr.Credit = 100;
    GLCr.TaxRate = new TaxRate(1);
    //GLCr.Tax = 14;//Tax Amount can be specified if required
    GLCr.Date = DateTime.Today;
    GLCr.Description = "descr";
    GLCr.Reference = "ref1";
    GLCr.TransactionCode = new TransactionCode(Module.GL, "JNL");//Specify the GL transaction code
    //Posting the vat leg of the credit transaction above
    GLTransaction Tax = new GLTransaction();
    Tax.Account = new GLAccount("Vat Control");// specify the Gl Tax Account
    Tax.Credit = 14;
    //Tax.Tax = GLCr.Tax;
    Tax.Date = DateTime.Today;
    Tax.ModID = ModuleID.Tax;//Specify this transaction id to be tax
    Tax.Description = "descr";
    Tax.Reference = "ref1";
    Tax.TransactionCode = new TransactionCode(Module.GL, "JNL");//Specify the GL transaction code