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SDK Updates

The following links are for the latest Evolution SDK Builds that are available. Please note the evolution SDK builds are major and minor version compatible with Evolution Builds. For example if Evolution begins with 7.20.... 7 being the major and 20 being the minor then any SDK begining with 7.20... will be compatible.

Please e-mail evolutionsdk-support [at] for obtaining SDK releases for any other versions required.

SDK Version

SDK Version

SDK Version

SDK Version

Help Files

The compiled API reference (in CHM format) is available here.

Please note that after downloading the chm file the properties may be set to blocked therefore right click on the file select properties and unblock.

CLR Type Library Wrappers for Delphi

Note that Pastel_Evolution_TLB.pas is version-specific and has to be generated in your development environment whenever you incorporate a new version of the API. See this page for more information.