C Warehouse Inter Branch Transfer

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From Version 8.00... onwards the SDK has functionality to do a Warehouse IBT Transfer. To do Warehouse IBT Transfers the feature has to be enabled in Evolution Warehouse Defaults.

// The following will be the issueing of stock from one warehouse to another leaving the stock in transit
WarehouseIBT IBTIssue = new WarehouseIBT();
IBTIssue.WarehouseFrom = new Warehouse("W1");//Specify From which warehouse qty will be transfered from
IBTIssue.WarehouseTo = new Warehouse("W2");//Specify To which warehouse qty will be transfered to
IBTIssue.Description = "Test1des";
WarehouseIBTLine IBTIssueLine = new WarehouseIBTLine();
IBTIssueLine.InventoryItem = new InventoryItem("ItemwA");
IBTIssueLine.Description = "testline1";
IBTIssueLine.Reference = "Ref001";
IBTIssueLine.QuantityIssued = 5;           
//The following will be the receiving of stock for the issue above that is in transit
WarehouseIBT IBTReceive = new WarehouseIBT(IBTIssue.Number);
foreach (WarehouseIBTLine IBTReceiveLine in IBTReceive.Detail)
IBTReceiveLine.QuantityReceived = 2;