Evolution Version 6.00

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Pastel Evolution Version 6.00

The main focus the 6.00 SDK release was:

Support for inventory lots, a.k.a. Lot Tracking (in beta) Foreign currency transaction processing (in beta) Other changes:

Library versioning has been changed as follows: a.b.c.d a - the major version of the SDK, currently version 1 b - the major version of Evolution supported by this version of the SDK c - the incremental release number of the SDK d - the release revision UserFields property - many records now publish this property and it is preferred over the RawFieldData property since it safely allows modifying only non-standard fields. The AllocationCollection class's Add methods now return an AllocationEntry object. This is mainly used in foreign currency allocations, for specifying the profit/loss on exchange transaction parameters. TransactionBase.SplitAllocation deprecated - moved to root namespace. TransactionBase.AllocationEntry deprecated - moved to root namespace. Customer/supplier transactions now correctly validate that a tax rate gets specified whenever a tax amount is specified. SettlementTerms are now available on inventory documents as well as customer and supplier transactions. On assignment of the customer or supplier account, this defaults to the DefaultSettlementTerms set on the account. Notes:

You will notice a number of class member names prefixed with an underscore (_). This indicates that the member is experimental and may be renamed or even dropped in future. We value your feedback on these members.