Evolution Version 6.80

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Pastel Evolution Version 6.80

  • Corrected the Null Reference when posting a Purchases Variance for GL Accounts.
  • Changed column name for OrderStatus.
  • Implemented the Inventory Defaults to post the General Ledger Line Description or Document Description.
  • Document discount corrections on SVIN/GRV split, override accounts, and GL line processing on inventory documents
  • Added the Project to Job Cards and Job Detail.
  • Also changed the Inventory Transaction in Order Detail to use the record.dStartDate and not DateTime.Today.
  • ComHelper.SetBranchContext function added to support online branch accounting processing
  • UserFields on Prospect & Opportunity
  • Representative on Prospect
  • Corrected the period permissions Check.
  • Added the Project to the General Ledger and POSTST postings.
  • Expanded the Job Defaults.
  • Expanded the Job Transaction Codes.
  • Added the Job Posting Methods to Jobs.
  • Added the Override GL Accounts to Job Cards.
  • Implemented the Posting Methods to the Job Detail Transactions
  • Extended the JobTransactionCode class to default the Tax Types to the same defaults in Evolution.
  • Added the Job Detail Unit to the WIP InventoryTransaction.
  • Corrected the WIP Quantity on InventoryTransactions.
  • Corrected the Available WIP and reduce WIP Methods to include Units of Measure.
  • Job costing WIP cost posting (WIP)
  • Job costing WIP cost posting & UOM corrections
  • Added Lot ID to PostST posting.
  • Changed the JobCard(long id) to JobCard(int id)
  • Fixed an Error "A confirmed (or partially confirmed) line cannot be deleted" when processing a Source Document