Evolution Version 8.00

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SDK Version

  • IS-7093 Function IsModuleActive not available for COM integration. Added two additional functions to the ComHelper class IsStandardRegistration and IsWarehousingRegistered which can assist COM integration developers.
  • IS-6242 SDK needs to cater for different item & warehouse item tax types.
  • IS-6214 Incorrect value when Adjusting an attribute quantity out of stock.
  • IS-5576 Serial Number Collection is empty on an existing job card.
  • Implemented Warehouse IBT Transfers
  • Ability to specify attributes on an inventory item.
  • Inventory attribute processing on source documents, such as Purchase Order, Sales Order, Credit Note, Return To Supplier
  • Ability to specify attributes on an inventory transaction.
  • Ability to process Customer & Supplier Batches.
  • Ability to add & retrieve inventory images.
  • Ability to add & retrieve inventory notes.
  • An additional dependency has now been added to the SDK, called Pastel.Evolution.Common.dll This file is shipped and packaged with the SDK assembly itself.
  • Validation can now be performed on ID Number, Tax Number and Registration Number
  • Able to validate for Unique External Order Numbers and Unique Supplier Invoice Numbers
  • Migrated to the .NET Framework 4.5 as a minimum requirement