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When using the SDK through PHP, you are in merely accessing the .NET component through COM. The .NET framework must of course be installed, and this will probably only work under Windows (see Also see Initialisation

ini_set('display_errors', 1);
//We are using this function to log the progress of our simple procedure below
function prn($message)
    echo "{$message}<br/>";
    //Create the COM Helper object
    $sdkHelper = new COM("Pastel.Evolution.ComHelper");
    prn("Loaded ComHelper, version {$sdkHelper->AssemblyVersion}");
    $sdkHelper->CreateCommonDBConnection("uid=sa;pwd=123;Initial Catalog=EvolutionCommon;server=(local)");
    prn("Connected to common");
    $sdkHelper->SetLicense("DEMO", "67681607597478");
    prn("License set");
    $sdkHelper->CreateConnection("uid=sa;pwd=123;Initial Catalog=50008;server=(local)");
    prn("Connected to database");
    if ($sdkHelper->CurrentEvolutionDatabaseVersion != $sdkHelper->CompatibleEvolutionDatabaseVersion)
        prn("Warning: the current database version is {$sdkHelper->CurrentEvolutionDatabaseVersion} while this version of the SDK is intended for version {$sdkHelper->CompatibleEvolutionDatabaseVersion}");
    /* This is how you would create a new customer account:
    $newAccount = new COM("Pastel.Evolution.Customer");
    $newAccount->Code = "PHPTest";
    prn("New account ID: {$newAccount->ID}";
    //Initialise an existing account, using it's code
    $cashAccount = $sdkHelper->GetARAccount("CASH");
    //Create the new sales order object
    $salesOrder = new COM("Pastel.Evolution.SalesOrder");
    prn("Line items: {$salesOrder->Detail->Count}");
    prn("New Sales Order Total: {$salesOrder->TotalExcl}");
    //Specify the order's customer account
    $salesOrder->Customer = $cashAccount;
    //Retrieve an existing inventory item using its code.
    $stockItem = $sdkHelper->GetStockItem("ABC");
    prn("Fetched item");
    prn("Qty on hand: {$stockItem->QtyOnHand}");
    prn("Qty free: {$stockItem->QtyFree}");
    //Create an order line object and populate it
    $orderDetail = new COM("Pastel.Evolution.OrderDetail");
    $orderDetail->InventoryItem = $stockItem;
    $orderDetail->Quantity = 5;
    $orderDetail->UnitSellingPrice = 50;
    //Add the order line to the order document
    prn("Line items: {$salesOrder->Detail->Count}");
    prn("New sales order total (incl.): {$salesOrder->TotalIncl}");
    //Completely process the sales order and store the generated invoice number
    $reference = $salesOrder->Complete();
    /*Should you wish to pass in your own invoice number, do this instead:
    foreach ($salesOrder->Detail as $det)
        $det->ToProcess = $det->Quantity;
    $reference = $sdkHelper->ProcessDocumentWithCustomReference($salesOrder, "553343453");
    prn("New invoice number: {$reference}");
    prn("Debtor transaction total: {$salesOrder->LedgerTransaction->Debit}");
catch (Exception $ex)