Trouble Shooting Connection Problems

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There a numerous errors that can be received while trying to initiallise a connection to the SDK dll. To understand what the problem could be a basic understanding of locating the Evolution database is necessary. Please see the document on Requirements, Initialise A Connection and Licensing

Bulk of the connection errors relate to incorrect version compatibility. The Evolution SDK dll is master version dependable. The Master version is determined by the first three digits of the version number. This means that if you using any Evolution version beginning with 6.81… than any SDK Version that begins with 6.81… will be compatible if using any Evolution version beginning with 7.00… than any SDK Version that begins with 7.0.0… will be compatible.

Below is a typical connection string that calls the Version7EvolutionCommon database and the Evolution Company/Client Version7Database database. If the dll referenced in the project is also a version 7 database for example no errors will be received.

DatabaseContext.CreateCommonDBConnection("PASJHBNBTEST\\SQL2014", "Version7EvolutionCommon", string.Empty, string.Empty, true);
DatabaseContext.SetLicense("DE0000000", "1234567");
DatabaseContext.CreateConnection("PASJHBNBTEST\\SQL2014", "Version7Database", "sa", "sa", true);

The following error will be received if: (note the Error version will not always be the same)

  • the above connection string for a version 7.00.... Evolution database is connecting to a lower master version SDK dll or a higher master version 7.10... SDK dll.
  • or it could also be that the SDK dll is the correct version sdk dll but the EvolutionCommon is a higher or lower master version.
  • or the EvolutionCommon is not registered for the SDK connector module.


The following error will be received if the database does not exist


The following error will be received if the Evolution database is a lower version like version 6.82.... while the EvolutionCommon and SDK dll is a higher version like version 7.